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Tap into the power of search engine marketing

Pay per click advertising (for example, Google AdWords) is one of the most cost effective and measurable forms of online marketing, providing your campaigns are well managed and take into account your margins and ROI requirements.

In contrast to traditional advertising methods like an advert in your local newspaper, pay per click adverts are only shown to people who are actively searching for your products and services, and thus have already declared their interest and intention to spend.

It’s great that your adverts are only shown to people who want what you offer, but it’s even better that you only pay when those people actually click on your advert and come through to your website.

We use our years of industry knowledge to work with you and formulate winning campaigns:

• Conduct market research including keyword and key-phrase analysis
• Write engaging adverts with emotive and inspiring copy to attract the best quality traffic to your website
• Advise on the best landing pages to use to maximise campaign effectiveness
• Perform A/B split testing to analyse campaign changes
• Focus efforts on keywords and phrases which generate profitable conversions for the least cost.

This thorough approach ensures that your campaigns are working efficiently from the start and are evaluated and improved to continually increase your return on investment.

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